OK so you want to join; lets get the facts about your uniform clear from the word”GO”.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD), being a civil service department, has its own language which to a normal citizen of this fair country may seem to be either ridiculous or just plain confusing. However one thing this language has, is standards. Once you know the standard all is well. So as far as uniform is concerned there are three types of uniform.

1) New, that is still in its packaging. Providing an item is still packed it is always considered to be NEW.

2) Part Worn but Serviceable (PWS). If an item does not have its packaging but is still in a condition that it can be used it is considered to be PWS.  The item may have been in use for years but is still usable that’s fine, it’s PWS. If the item has been taken out of the packet and the packet has been destroyed it’s PWS.  Trying arguing that standard when you go to a department store!!!!!

3) Scrap. An item that is no longer usable for whatever reason.

Right so now that the standards have been explained we can get onto more interesting stuff.

The Ministry of Defense has a scaling of equipment (military term) for each cadet that joins the Air Training Corps.  A cadet is entitled to a NEW scaling once only. These items are loaned free of charge to the cadet however they remain MoD property. The cadet will sign for the items on a loan record card and all items must be returned no matter what condition they are in.

The Scaling of uniform provided by the MOD is as follows:

Beret Blue Grey
Jumper Blue Grey unisex
Shirt/Blouse Working Blue
Shirt/Blouse Wedgewood Blue
Tie Black
Trousers Blue Grey (Gents only)
Slacks Blue Grey (Ladies only)
Skirt Blue Grey (Ladies only)
Belt Blue Grey
Coveralls Blue Grey
Jeltex jacket.

Please be aware that this is all the MoD supply, Cadets will be expected to supply their own underwear, no don’t laugh the question has been asked, socks or tights.

Bearing in mind that Uniform is supposed to be uniform, cadets are expected to supply their own footwear. 2523 (Linton) Squadron has a policy that wherever possible it will supply this equipment and it has built up a stock of PWS items to enable all cadets to benefit.  Think about if a cadet joins at twelve years old they can do a serious amount of growing over the next six years.  How many pairs of shoes will a cadet get through by the time they reach 18?  That is where the wonder of PWS comes in. Please take care of your uniform and return it when not needed.